Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bay to Bay

... and back again if you do the whole thing. I didn't, citing my all important schedule, which does not say that I should be running 30km at this stage - I'm quite happy with a relay leg of 15km. Bruno, my running partner, did the whole thing, at least I assume he did. Last I saw he was heading back off through Hout Bay. The Bay to Bay runs from Camps Bay to Hout Bay and back again. I did the first leg as Bruno's pacemaker. Actually it's the other way round. I normally go off too fast then struggle later. Bruno runs the same pace for the first km as for the 20th, and goes the same speed up and down hills. It's a bit uncanny, but very good for teaching me to pace a run properly.

I've worked out that my running schedule is neatly split up into three areas. I had read the books about doing hill training, speed training, and just getting the miles in your legs, but hadn't worked out how to accomodate all that. As it turns out, I've got my trail running on the hills for strength and speed, running with friends for just getting the miles, and then when I run on my own I tend to go faster, pushing myself. It's all working out quite nicely.

441km of training so far...

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