Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fundraising techniques

Here's a new one. My regular poker night met on Friday without me as I was double booked with my wife's birthday. We had a great evening - thanks for asking - and apparently the poker guys did too. With one or two new players, they had a few practice rounds, then did the usual R100 in from everybody, and played through to the now traditional final round with the dodgy cards. At that point, they decided very kindly to donate the evening's cash to my marathon fund, which was a wonderful surprise.

In the meantime, I ran a 15km run yesterday morning in 74:30, which I was pretty chuffed with. It was a very up & down race too around the mansions of Constantia. I came 317th, for what it's worth. I did get a pair of socks for my effort though. Ran again this morning, so I managed to get to 48km for the week. It still doesn't sound like much compared to the 42 I have to run in 14 weeks time...

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