Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sponsorship and South Africans

I always feel like a bit of a fraud pushing South Africans for sponsorship, as I've said before. While I'm making a big fuss about running my marathon, I am often surrounded by those who've done the Two Oceans (56km), Comrades (90km), Iron Man (swim miles, run a marathon, cycle even further), or Cape Epic (8 days on a bike in the mountains). In those circumstances, it almost seems a bit much to ask for sponsorship, but as all the advice says, it pays to be thick-skinned!

So here's the thing. I'm not saying that running a marathon is a big deal, although it's a big deal to me; or that it's anything unusual, but I am saying that you should sponsor me. Don't sponsor me because it's something special, sponsor me because my cause is important, and you want to support me in raising money for them. Now click here and get your credit card out!

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