Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bicycle race

The thing with running this time of year is that there are bikes everywhere. They're OK on the uphills, but if you're cruising along downhill and one flies past you it can scare the hell out of you - the buggers are practically silent. The reason they are all out there now is that it's only a few weeks until the Argus. That's a good day to stay inside if you don't like bikes, because there are about 35,000 of them sweating around the peninsula. The Argus is the biggest timed cycle race in the world, and this year the excitement is that Lance Armstrong is doing it, at least I think he is. Last year Matt Damon did it, as he was here filming Invictus.

Anyway, bikes everywhere. A couple of weeks ago I ran with Hout Bay Harriers, and one of their fitter runners was slipstreaming a cyclist going up Chapman's Peak Drive. Must have really irritated him. I've got into the habit of bumping into a friend of mine on the top of Chapman's Peak on a Sunday morning at about 7.30. He cycles there from Rondebosch, and I run there from home. He usually wins the race back down.

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