Thursday, February 25, 2010


A few people told me that the main thing with this whole running malarkey is not to get injured: if you manage that, then you can get through the training and finish the race. I had envisaged possible disasters: muscle strains, twisted ankles; and had even sustained one or two injuries out of clumsiness.

What I hadn't predicted, though, is what I've got now. It's closer to depression than anything else, in that I'm just not up to running right now. I feel strong in my legs, and I could run if I went out there, but I feel like I am out of reserves. The problem is not hitting the road, it's getting out of bed. The fact that my work situation is complicated right now doesn't help much either. I'm taking a variety of supplements and vitamins to try and help me out of it, but the main thing is to rest. How long for, I don't know, but it's really getting me down.

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