Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Tonight I ran briefly on Chapman's Peak Drive. Now this has to be one of the most beautiful roads in the world, and even on a blustery night like tonight it is stunning, but damn - the cat's eyes are fearsome! I ran on Chappies a couple of weeks before the Gun Run, which was great, except on the way down I hit one of the buggers, and the same thing happened tonight. In the UK, cat's eyes are innocuous little rounded pebble-like things. In South Africa they have a vertical surface about 1cm high that contains the reflector. If you hit this there is no scuffing over the top - your foot just stops. It's like being tap-tackled.

My left knee had pretty much healed from the last time, and now I went down on the right one. Luckily it wasn't as hard this time - last time I hit the road simultaneously with knees, forearms, hands and belly. It wasn't pretty. This time I was going more slowly uphill, but it's not nice. I never expected to shed so much blood just running.

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