Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What's up, doc?

I've finally, at the grand old age of 40, decided to treat this kind of venture a bit more seriously than I once did. I've also got a family who insist on me doing things properly, so it was off this morning to the Sports Science Institute in Newlands. It's perfectly positioned, between Newlands rugby stadium and a brewery, and I'd made an appointment for a full check up.

The quack checked on all my aches & pains: dodgy knees, sore toe, iffy shoulder. Apparently I'm in pretty good shape for the mileage. The only embarassing bit was when she was testing my flexibility: lying on my front, and when she bent up my leg at the knee, I got cramp in my hamstring.

Just to be sure, they then wired me up to do a stress ECG. This is great fun - wires all over your torso just like in the movies, then run on an inclined treadmill. They told me that hardly anyone ever got to the end at 21 minutes, as if they thought I might. I lasted 15 before I bailed, which was pretty good, and all the little blips on the chart were in the right place too.

So I'm fine to train for the race. Better get on with it then.

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