Monday, November 23, 2009

New goals

Having felt quite good running last week, I went to one of the online 'marathon time predictors' to see if I had got better according to their forecast. The short answer is no, I hadn't, but I noticed a link to a 'celebrity marathoners' page. Now here's a challenge: find a schleb and see if you can beat their time. Lance Armstrong, pass; Chris Boardman, pass; aha! George W Bush - should be OK there. Well according to the list, Dubya ran the 1993 Houston marathon in 3:44.

That's not a bad time at all, and a fair bit better than the "just under four hours" I had been planning. Of course in 1993, he was not yet even Governor of Texas, so he probably had plenty of time for training. On the other hand, in 1993 he was 47 - 7 years older than me. I wonder if he'd given up the booze by that stage - another unfair advantage. Whatever, I now have a new target...

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