Thursday, November 19, 2009

New shoes

I bought some Nike trail shoes a while back - about 130km ago. They look great, but the layers of the sole are all peeling away from each other, so there are flappy bits all over the bottom. They are also lethal on a wet smooth surface, but that's a separate issue. I took them back today and left them for assessment by the Nike person, and then went to replace my worn out New Balance road shoes. NB are the best because they come in different widths, which is important when you have feet like spades. Somehow I managed to buy a pair that's too small. I put them on to run tonight and immediately took them off again. I'm still not sure quite how I managed that one.

So now I have one pair of shoes: knackered NB trainers, in which I ran my standard 7km loop in a record time of 33:19. Imagine what I could do in new shoes...

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