Monday, November 30, 2009

Shifting sands

To Kommetjie & Noordhoek yesterday for the Surfer's Challenge. The premise here is a race down Long Beach and back between runners and paddle skis. The final result is pretty much down to the sea - if it's rough, the runners win, if not, the paddlers. I managed to beat some paddlers yesterday, but only in double boats - they must be slower. 12km on sand is tough going, although probably good for some muscles that I didn't know about, and I did get a free cap into the bargain. At the end, it was such a relief to be on a firm surface that I jogged back to my car. I may be turning into a runner.

The highlight for me was to come up the boardwalk to the turning area at the Noordhoek end and to see my whole family standing there shouting! It's great to have a good travelling support.

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