Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Walking on the moon

Morning Stu.
On Monday morning I saw a woman running along the road. Thing is, I'm not quite sure you could call it running. She was in shorts & a T-shirt, but on her feet she had the weirdest contraptions which looked like ski boots with bent blades on the bottom - sort of like the end of Oscar Pistorius's running legs. She was bouncing along, a bit like a moon walker, but nothing like Michael Jackson. I'd post a picture, but I was too slow with the phone, and I have no idea where to start looking on the web.

So anyway, I managed to buy some new shoes that actually fit. Strange to think that they will probably be worn out sometime in March. They are New Balance, cos they're the best for me as they come in different widths and I have feet like spades. I don't know why the other shoe people don't do this, but since I have non standard feet, I will always wear NB. So I tried them last night: 8km in 38:56, and after my old worn out ones, I felt just like that woman, walking on the moon.

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