Sunday, November 8, 2009

Many rivers to cross

I have one big advantage in training for the London Marathon, in that I don't live in London. I will be training through the South African summer, so may struggle with the occasional very hot day, but at least I'll be training in the daylight, and I'll be able to feel my toes.

This morning I had to run in the rain, which is actually quite pleasant. I had carefully chosen my route to give me the right sort of time & distance, and had set off with just enough time to finish it before church, i.e. maximising my lie-in. The last 500 yards or so the plan was to cross the river over the road from my house. If it's dry, then you can walk the 5 yards or so across the weir, or if that's a bit deep, then hop across the stones. Since it's been raining for about 5 days on and off, the stones were underwater, so I had an unscheduled detour, adding about 2km to the route - and only that little because the wife came to look for me.

If that's the worst mishap during my training, then I'll be happy.

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