Monday, November 2, 2009

Hungover running

Hydration is of key importance when running. For anything over about 8 or 9km you need to carry water, or find it en route. You should also ensure that you are properly hydrated beforehand so that you do not struggle on your run.

That's what they say anyway. One logical implication of the above is something that I can attest to from first hand experience: running with a hangover is a Bad Idea. I know because yesterday was my 40th birthday party. About 3 weeks after the birthday itself (I awarded myself an official birthday too this year), it started at lunchtime with about 45 guests, and ended with an impromptu country music and whisky tasting with my brother sometime after dark. I left the run until the evening of the next day, but as you know it takes a good day of rest and refreshment to get over a big night.

Net result: 5km at 20 seconds a km slower than I managed 2 days later. That's 15 minutes over marathon distance. The price of a pint (or three) ...

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