Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lion's Head

Trail run Thursday... along Signal Hill and (partly) up Lion's Head tonight. This is a nice gentle run for the first two thirds, then a punishing climb on loose stones, then a nice descent. We ran from the left hand end of this picture, just above the grey road, along the hill to the right hand end, then turned, and came back around the high bit (Lion's Head), then down the yellow path back to Kloof Nek. The views along over Camps Bay, and past the Twelve Apostles to where the cloud and the mountains converge at the horizon are well worth the climb.

I definitely need to replace the crappy Nike trail shoes I returned this week, hopefully with New Balance ones. The road shoes are too slippery and the soles a bit thin for the rocks. About 9km in 56 minutes, excluding the stops to admire the view.

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