Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ready to go

I am in London and ready to run! I was on the first scheduled flight out of Joburg after they re-opened Heathrow. It didn't feel real until I got to the registration, but they gave me my number and it suddenly hit me that I'd made it. I've got my stuff all laid out in my bedroom at Stu's house: shoes, socks, shorts, and Red Cross vest with my name carefully ironed onto the front, and the number pinned on. An easy day today, and then tomorrow it happens. Every so often I get a shot of nerves, so goodness knows what it's going to be like standing on the starting line.

Six months of work, and it all comes down to tomorrow. Apparently it's going to be hot for London, which equates to somewhere around 20 degrees, so I shouldn't freeze. That's comfortably cool, so ideal for a good time, although I'm still not really sure howfast I can run. I'd be disappointed to be over 4 hours, and very chuffed with anything under 3:45. All the good advice I've had says to run the first half slowly, so that has to be the plan. Maybe about 1:55 for the first half, then see how I feel at about 20 miles. I really don't know: it's unknown territory. Watch out for me on TV - I'll be the guy in the white had with the red cross on top.

Fingers crossed.

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  1. Go Paul Go - we watching on TV now!!!