Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas run

... and Christmas blogging too. Having failed to get out last night - the carol service clashed with my proposed running time - I had to go this morning. There was a surprising number of people on the mountain. At one point I disturbed a buzzard, which soared off below me, and then later I saw a pair of sunbirds with bright red rumps. I'm going to need to get a bird book to go with the "Lore of Running".

The only dodgy point was right at the end as I was coming back downhill to the car park. There was a group coming up, and as I came to here, some girl stepped straight in front of me. Luckily the old side step still works, or the instinct for self preservation is strong, and I managed to miss her. I would have completely flattened her otherwise, which probably would have spoilt two christmases.

Merry christmas to all my readers and sponsors!

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