Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cool runnings

The world cup in SA next year is going to be cool, in every sense of the word. It's winter down here that time of the year, so anyone expecting to catch a tan is going to be a bit disappointed. Not so at the moment - temperatures are consistently mid-20s and up, which makes the time of the day that I train quite significant. On Sunday morning, I ran on Chapman's Peak, but left it too late. It's great in the mornings when it's in shade, but when the sun has got over the mountain, it's hard work climbing that hill. I've resigned myself to the fact that I need to get out there early if I am to fit in all the running I need to do. I'm running at least 5 days a week for the next 4 months; combine that with party season, and the mornings are the only option. At least it's cool - out this morning half awake with Springsteen on the iPod and it was lovely. Maybe a bit like London in April?

Postscript: I'm a petrol head, so I notice cars when I run. This morning I saw a Porsche Panamera. What a beast. It looks OK from straight in front, or straight behind, but from any other angle it's an ugly bastard. It looks like they gave a 911 to a chop shop to make a limo. Given that the 911 has hardly changed in 30 years, they haven't made a good looking new car since the 928. The Cayman is nice, but basically that's based on the 911 too. Don't even get me started on the Cayenne. Bleeah

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