Wednesday, December 23, 2009


It rained this morning, mocking my smugness at the summer training in Cape Town. Still, it keeps things nice and cool, although my shirt gets wet from both sides. Further hazards this morning included a tree that has blown across the route, some kind of film shoot who have parked their vans and portaloos all over the path, and a Mercedes / puddle combination. Yesterday I saw the aftermath of a car crash, although I cna't figure out quite what happened. It seemed to involve a guy in a Golf who had crashed into something, hard enough to set off his airbags, then driven a bit further up the road only to discover that he had cracked something important. When I got there they were putting sand on the oil that had leaked out of the crack during his short post-crash trip.

Yes, it is getting harder to think of variations on "I went for a run again". Next dilemma: run on Christmas day or not...?

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