Thursday, December 10, 2009

Map my run

For all of us highly trained, keen runners, there is a great site called MapMyRun. The interface can be a bit clunky, but it's free, so who's complaining? It enables you to plot your run route, and will then give you a distance and profile. I probably spend more time planning my long runs at the weekend than actually running them.

Trail running tonight - from Constantia to Kirstenbosch and back. I accidentally joined a faster group than I normally run with, so am now properly knackered. There are 4 groups, and I usually go with the third. The first is the nutters who go like the clappers. They come downhill at a scary pace. Even if I could go that fast, I still wouldn't have time to work out where to put my feet. I can't get too close to the guy in front, or I don't have time to spot a place to slap my feet down. The second group runs a bit faster than my normal one, but doesn't stop as long when they pause for people to catch up. It feels quite relentless.

I'm planning on taking Tups when he's out at Christmas, so I hope I've memorised the route correctly. It's a bit tricky when you're watching your feet all the time. And you've got no sense of direction. Someone told me that it's because I am from the northern hemisphere, and I am now in the south, so the sun is in the wrong place. It's confusing, and that's why I get lost all the time. Sounds pretty plausible to me.

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