Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blown away

I nearly was last night. I put off my run until later in the hope that the wind would calm down, and it got stronger. I decided that this was all part of the fun and set off, turning left up the road, and therefore upwind. Turning right is far better - downhill and downwind - but the 16km route I had worked out required going the hard way. After about 8km I started to climb Chapman's Peak drive. My plan was to run to the tollgate, then turn round and head back, but about 100m short I just couldn't go any further - it was physically impossible to run into the wind. Having turned round to head back, it was almost as hard, being shoved along by an invisible hand. Very weird.

I ran back along the beach, losing several layers of skin to a sandstorm, via the video store to pick up a DVD, then started to feel a bit rough. Stomach cramps again. It's no fun running when your core muscles are trying to do two things at once. Getting home, I discovered that the front door was locked, and my wife took an agonisingly long time to open it. I'll spare you more details, but I just made it in time. The funny thing is, I really enjoyed the run. Maybe the shits are endorphin related or something.

It seems that I am either allergic to exercise, or I've got my diet badly wrong somewhere.

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