Sunday, March 28, 2010


I've just noticed: this week I passed 1000km of training.
Since the Gun Run in October, I have run 1,032km. I've killed one pair of shoes, and now own three pairs, one of which took a near fatal pounding this morning. Boy, it was worth it though! We climbed the Vlakkenburg from Constantia Nek, then ran along the track on top, to the fort below Chapman's Peak, then down again and home. It was tough going up the steps to the Vlakkenberg - the steps themselves are steep, but the "treads" aren't even level - they slope too. About 2km of heart pounding climbing. Once at the top, though, it's beautiful. There are spots where you feel like the only person on earth - in among the fynbos and the rocks, and the views down onto Hout Bay are stunning.

That route is leg 3 of the Hout Bay Trail Challenge, so all I have to do is twice that distance, then that leg, and I'm home. Doddle. In the meantime, it's 4 weeks to the marathon: one long run next weekend, then I start (continue) to slow down. I've actually slowed down a fair bit already: 42km this week instead of about 70 I should have done according to The Plan. I was just stuffed after the 30km last weekend, so have taken it easy this week. I've decided that it's a sign of my growing confidence in my own fitness that I am no longer a slave to the schedule. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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