Friday, March 12, 2010

Dancing the trails

I was back on my favourite trail run route last night, only backwards. Not running backwards, just running it anti-clockwise. This means that we went down into Kirstenbosch, then climbed the wall of steps that we usually come down, then cam back along the single track and down to the finish. It means that the only really hard bit is the climb up the steps, then it is net downhill. The problem is that you do the tricky single track rocky bit immediately after the steps while your legs are still wobbly. Mind you, there's nothing like a precipitous drop to focus the mind on the feet.

According to Roan, running behind me, I am light on my feet for a big bloke. I took it as a compliment. On reflection, it's the kind of thing you might say to a fat guy who doesn't knock over the side table. Hmmm...

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