Monday, March 8, 2010

Body Heat

The movie Body Heat takes place in a heatwave that matches the steam coming off Kathleen Turner and William Hurt. When they first meet in a bar, he sits down to talk to her on condition that she doesn't mention the heat. Since moving here from the UK, my thermostat has re-adjusted. My personal scale now runs from 20-25 degrees: comfortable; 25-30: nice & warm; 30-35: hot; 35+ : too damn hot.

Yesterday it was 25 at 8am, rose to the high 30s, and the temperature in my bedroom at midnight was still 30 degrees. It becomes all consuming, and the only thing anyone can consider or talk about. I wanted to get a T-shirt: "Yes it's hot. Get over it". Like William Hurt: I'll talk to you, just not about the heat.

Boy, am I glad I didn't run yesterday!

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