Sunday, March 7, 2010

A new PB

Every week it's another new personal best for me right now. That's not because I am getting fitter, although I hope I am, but because I am running further than I ever have. Yesterday was 25km: around Chapman's Peak to the end of Noordhoek beach and back. Not too fast, not too slow; early so not too hot - just right. Too bloody windy in places though, and during the run we saw the cat's eyes take out two other runners. The only danger for me, apart from desparate cyclists hoping to get fit before next week, was the wind blowing one leg into the other as it came through. Getting tap tackled by a cat's eye is one thing, but getting tap tackled by the wind is something else. That would have looked really daft.

After last week's blip, I am now nearly back on track, as you can see below. Having run on Saturday instead of Sunday, I managed to miss out a run this week, but I'm getting there.

Now going, because it's my wedding anniversary, and I'm going to lunch.

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