Thursday, March 25, 2010


According to The Plan I should be doing 6 hours of running this week, running six days, with a long one on Sunday and shorter ones during the week. The Plan, unfortunately, doesn't allow for the fact that I was absolutely knackered from the 30km on Sunday, requiring at least a day off, and also that I went to see Elton John last night. So it's back to Signal Hill and the trails tonight, something tomorrow, then a longish one on Sunday. I'm going to be short again on the mileage, but longer on energy and stayingawakeness. I've finally got enough confidence in my fitness to ignore The Plan when my body tells me to slow down. My achilles tendons are still stiff, so I've got a lot of stretching to do as well.

Elton, incidentally, was brilliant. The combination of Kirstenbosch, Elton, some fabulous boogie woogie, Ray Cooper, and even a bit of rain, made for an unforgettable night.

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